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Our mission



Revelescence's mission is to impact the world by helping each person showcase their talents in a professional context. Develop your full potential to have a positive impact that keep you happy, motivated while inspiring others.

More than ever, people need to become passionate in order to take charge of their destiny and live a successful and rich life.

In business, there are multiple opportunities waiting to be created and developed. 

So, let's work together as agents of change as we create a new story of success together!

Our values

Photo Magali bon sens.png
Magali Portier
Founder of Revelescence

I lived by the belief that anything is possible. Pushing limits and boundaries to step out my comfort zone and mediocrity has always been my strength. 

I had the chance to learn from different business sectors and with many types of businesses, and from the smallest to multinationals, always in very demanding and competitive contexts.

From managing a portfolio of more than $45M when I started in the banking field to consulting and recruitment, I was always keen to push my learning further to understand how things worked and how to create more.

With excellent results, I had to advise business leaders and executives on the human aspect of business.

And after working for more than 15 years in consulting and management roles related to finance, entrepreneurship and recruitment, in France then in Canada, I decided to create Revelescence.

My goal: to highlight everyone’s talent so that you can shine in the most beautiful way. My desire is also to make our businesses more competitive thanks to the power of collective intelligence and the strength of combined talents.

With Revelescence, I support you and challenge your ways of thinking to help you develop concrete and effective strategies and achieve the success you deserve in business.

Have your own brand, stand out from the crowd, be IMPACTIVE and committed. But are you ready to make changes?


With strength and conviction, I am at your side to make the necessary changes that will propel you into the world of possibilities!

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