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Our mission



Revelescence's mission is to help each employee to shine so that they can fully flourish and help companies to perform by creating real added value with the best resources.


We help companies with recruitment but also with all the coaching and consulting aspects related to their employees. We also support candidates in finding the coveted position and for those who need to think about which turn to take in their career, we have designed a 6-week program to finally reach their full potential. ​


Let's create your success together! ​

Our values :

Photo Magali bon sens.png
Magali Portier
Founder of Revelescence

Expert of getting out of comfort zone, I grew up with the idea that everything is possible.

After more than 15 years in consulting and management positions related to finance, entrepreneurship and recruitment, in France and then in Canada, I decided to create Revelescence.

My goal: to highlight everyone's talent for shining in the most beautiful way and support our companies to  perform and make a real difference.

​I support and challenge you in your ways of thinking to help you to develop concrete and effective strategies and achieve the success you deserve.


Dear candidate, have your own trademark, stand out, be IMPACTFUL and committed. You can create the career of your dreams and finally have the coveted job if YOU decide. ​


Dear decision-maker, you know that investing in the human capital of your company has become vital. Your employees and partners are the cornerstone of the success of your mission. Finding the right people is not the only challenge, you should also know how to create an environment conducive to the development and growth of your employees. These are your best assets. Above all, you need people who are passionate about their job and that is what we strive for.

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