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Individual coaching

Because sometimes we are not sure what are our added-value, how we can do a difference and create our dream job and an amazing corporate success, Revelescence is proud to offer you an extrodinary tool to find better yourself and the way you could impact and bright in company.

Everybody had not one but some gifts who do your unicity. Don't keep close and down. It's time to shine and bring yours talents in comapny. You can create your dream job in company and we will show you how. But before, let's see who you are, what do you need, what are your goals, what is important for you and what do you want to accomplish.


In close collaboration with managers and recruiters, we help you build your own brand image with unfailing confidence. You will move forward with force and become real "serial winners" in order to allow you to evolve, to land your dream job or even to create it in the heart of an existing company. 


Revelescence accompanies you on your journey, step by step, and gives you the keys to becoming the person you dream of being and creating a successful career.



Joining the Revelescence program, it's :


               A work kit received at home

               A psychometric test with a full report and a debriefing by

               videoconference especially for you with one of our certified coaches ​

               Unlimited usable and searchable contents ​

​               Proven professional development tools ​

​               Support with a Q&A session each week to answer to all your questions

               People community who help and encourage you and wish to grow professionally and personally



Create your opportunities!

2.1 Miroir mon beau miroir
4.5 Définition du plan
5.3 Une candidature à succès
6.4 Le maître du jeu c'est VOUS !
5.5 Savoir négocier
6.3 Programmé pour le succès

Each dawning day gives us the chance to create

and to give the best of us. ​

Each of you has an extraordinary talent to offer to as many people as possible. ​

So do a favor to this vast community just waiting to see you shine and be inspired!

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